Econsultancy and Nick

The Moot Group’s CEO on ecommerce-as-a-service and innovation in retail

by Nikki Gilliand

Anyone can have a go at setting up a Shopify store these days, but scaling a successful ecommerce business is another story – particularly in such a highly competitive market.

This is partly why Nick Moutter founded The Moot Group – a Staffordshire based retail technology company that provides end-to-end ecommerce solutions for retailers (including logistics, automation, and marketing).

In a year of unpredictability, TMG has seen steady growth, with reports suggesting that the business is due to reach £50m in turnover by 2022. This summer, the company secured £5m in seed funding, led by Fuel Ventures, has seen triple digit year-on-year growth and has built a team of 50 technicians and ecommerce experts at its HQ in Staffordshire.

I spoke with Moutter, CEO of TMG, to learn more about the company’s end-to-end offering, as well as the predicted evolution of the ecommerce industry.

Nick Moutter, CEO

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