CEO – Founder

Nick Moutter

TMG is also the home of some of the UK’s fastest growing homewares brands including Olivia’s (y-o-y growth of 1300%) and Houseology which has seen record profits since being acquired by TMG in 2020. TMG recently closed £5m in seed funding led by Fuel Ventures. 2021 has seen triple digit y-o-y growth and has built a team of 50 technicians and e-commerce experts at its HQ in Staffordshire.

Prior to establishing TMG, Nick achieved success with his first business Admedo, the unified programmatic marketing platform. In his seven years at Admedo, Nick played a significant role in transforming the ad industry by offering all businesses unprecedented access to inventory and targeting tools to help them drive leads, conversions and awareness.

Prior to Admedo, Nick helped to launch and monetise the likes of Currys PCWorld, LADBible and THG Ingenuity, an commerce & fulfilment solution.

Based in the West Midlands and a father of one, Nick is also an advisor to many fast growth start ups and investment funds. A keen motoring enthusiast and fisherman.